Professor Charles King, of Illinois University Recommends Global Internet Fortunes (GIF)…!

Professor Charles King Recommends Global Internet Fortunes (GIF)

Harvard Business Ph.D., Groundbreaking Marketing Professor, Bestelling Author and Fortune 500 Consultant

Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Charles W. King received his Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard University. Dr. King teaches Network Marketing in the University’s marketing programs, is a frequent international speaker and writer on Network Marketing topics. He is involved in extensive, ongoing research on Network Marketing and Distributor Operations.Dr. King has also maintained an extensive consulting practice for more than 35 years on the broad areas of strategic planning, strategic market positioning and management of marketing operations. His clients have included a wide range of small, medium and Fortune 500 companies, trade association groups and public sector groups in the United States and internationally.Over the past two decades, Dr. King has launched extensive research into Network Marketing, introducing the Network Marketing business model into the traditional Marketing curriculum offered at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Dr. King also co-founded the FIRST EVER Network Marketing Course offered by a leading University, worldwide.
Pro Charles King Recommends Global Internet Fortunes

Pro Charles King Recommends Global Internet Fortunes

Dr. King has become a specialist in leading Network Marketing education seminars and events covering an overview of the industry: the strategic distributor-building process, growth plans, recruiting practices, the company “story”, legal issues, training and motivation, performance and management of the developing distributor organization and much more. In recent years, Dr. King has also become a champion in promoting Network Marketing internationally, particularly in developing countries. Building upon his strong base in the United States, Dr. King has expanded into Australia, Canada, Colombia (LA), Dubai, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Scandinavia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. A total of over 50 programs and hundreds of seminars have been delivered to various global markets. In developing economies, Dr. King is teaching a middle-class entrepreneurial mentality in emerging markets. Those emerging economies are very receptive to learning the simple mechanics of word-of-mouth communication and the Network Marketing system.

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