I am very Proud to present to you yet another Online Millionaire in the Making with Global Internet Fortunes Limited.

Jackie Mwende is a Professional Teacher who graduated in 2014 with a First Class Degree in Education from University of Nairobi.

Jackie got disillusioned with the Low Salary and very demanding class routine and was looking for a window of opportunity when she was invited for an Online Business Seminar with Global Internet Fortunes.

Jackie is NOT only a Top Earner with GIF, she is also a Trainer with the Company helping other Youth Discover themselves through Online Marketing and the UNIQUE GIF Business Opportunity.

Today Jackie is Earning a FULL TIME “Job Replacing Income” and She is Geared to becoming among the Pioneer Online Marketing Millionaires thatGIF will create in a few Years from now.

GIF Pays out Commissions Every Week on WEDNESDAY.

Kudos Jackie Mwende & Keep Flying… You are One in a Million.


JACKIE MWENDE - Top Earner & Trainer with Global Internet Fortunes

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